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Hire a team of experts to build an MVP and test it with real users in just 3 weeks

Why run a sprint?

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Reduce risk

The #1 reason why startups fail, is because they built something no one needs. Reduce this risk by meeting real in 3 weeks, not 3 months

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Go to market faster

Get input from all stakeholders at the same time to cut months of back and forth, giving you a longer runway

Why Now?

Last Update: July 2020

COVID-19 has surfaced unprecedented challenges - New products are built, new features are released... However, business is not as usual, we must be more delibarate in our decisions, and more considerate in our actions.

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The sprint is highly focused on generating tangible results to help move the business forward.

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Fast Results

The sprint is deliberately fast and intensive, and it aims to provide results you can implement immediately.

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The sprint runs on a predefined schedule, and ends with predefined deliverables.

Other companies running Design Sprints

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When is the right time?

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Launch a new product

Validate your assumptions before you write a single line of code

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Add a BIG feature

Align the team on why and what they’re adding to the product

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Redesign an existing product

Get input from all stakeholders to better redesign an existing product

How it works

Week 1

We start out by understanding your company and the domain in which you operate. In this week we will unpack the current sitation - what’s going well and what needs to be improved.

  • Get to know the team
  • Conduct Competitor Analysis
  • 1 on 1 interviews with the team
  • Create the initial user journey map

Week 2

Design Sprints were pioneered at Google, and had since transformed how Airbnb, Slack, Lego, and many others approach innovation. In this week we will go from idea, to product all the way to testing with real users

  • Get clarity into what you’re building
  • Align your team on the mission
  • Produce a working prototype
  • Get feedback from real customers

Week 3

Having successfully completed a design sprint, we will gather all the findings, prioritize, update the prototype, and form actionable next steps.

  • Process feedback from last week
  • Update key screens accordingly
  • Create a summarised report
  • Create a prioritized list of next steps

What do I actually get

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Tested Prototype

By the end of the first week, you would have fast forwarded into the future to see real users interact with a prototype of your finished product

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Summarised Report

After the second week, you will get a concise report detailing all the important conclusions, as well as actionable next steps for your Design & Engineering teams

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