Fast Problem Solving Workshop

A lightning-fast workshop to tackle existing problems, align your team and to generate potential solutions that can be implemented immediately

The Problem

This workshop is a 90 minutes long remedy for companies who are struggling to cope with the unpredictable landscape that's been created by COVID-19. Shifting to remote work is burning out our workforce, and making it harder to innovate at a time where we need to constantly reinvent how our business operates.

Case Study

When the team at First DAG started planning the next version of their Enterprise-Grade digital asset wallet, we used this workshop to get the entire team involved in identifying what is currently working well and what needs to be improved. We were then able to generate many different fresh solutions, prioritize them, and finally, turn them into actionable tasks.

The group at First DAG running a short workshop

How it works

  • 1

    Get Together

    Remote or on-site, we start by coming together as a multi-disciplinary team with members from your organization and ours

  • 2


    The workshop itself takes around one hour, where we will facilitate the progression from unpacking the problem, through generating solutions, to deciding on the best ones

  • 3


    By the end of the workshop, your team would have created three well-formed, actionable experiments which you could start implementing immediately

Book a workshop today to find new business opportunities during COVID-19

A flat fee of $999

  • Experienced Facilitators

    An experienced facilitator will guide the team throughout the process

  • Increased alignment

    Get the team on the same page, where all members have a clear idea of where we’re going

  • Our Experts

    Our team of industry experts will help you get better results out of the workshop

  • Social Gathering

    In a time when we’re physically (and mentally) remote, having the chance to get together as a team is even more important

  • Actionable

    Get a prioritized list of short experiments you could start implementing immediately

  • Predictable

    An experienced facilitator to guide the team through the process

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